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Why women go crazy over branded handbag?

When it comes to fashion and fashionable looks, it’s no secret that designer handbags are women’s best friends. There are handbags that match every pair of shoes, outfits, scarves and nail colors. Designers are creating new designer handbags as soon as they are launched in stores and online. Some of the most famous names in the industry are Dooney & Bourke, Prada, Marc Jacobs, Fendi, Burberry, Versace, La Tour Eiffel, Coach, Carlos Falki and Louis. Whether you’re looking for the most expensive handbag with a matching purse, or just something elegant but not very advanced maintenance, you’re looking for virtually any handbag store or online handbag. You can find what you want in the store.

I’ve been shopping for my wife so many times that I’ve bought the perfect handbag as a man. The types of bags I usually buy are cute designs, medium sized bucket bags, and long straps. Short straps are too short to fit under your arm and are not very attractive to women. The medium bucket handbag is spacious and has long straps, so I’m worried about rubbing skin burns through the handbag, for example, when a woman puts her handbag on her shoulder to go to the store, or when walking while rubbing under her arm. is not necesary to. ..

Another attractive feature of the medium-sized bucket branded handbag is the large number of pockets that can be attached to them. Some even come with a belt buckle strap that screams sophisticated. However, medium-sized buckets are not suitable for every occasion and do not look good when a woman is attending a night or social event. This is where the smaller more casual handbags come into play and when choosing the perfect small designer handbag, you want to say I am classy and sophisticated, but at the same time you want to demonstrate reservation as going to a public function with a lime green handbag says a lot of things, but not sophistication.

The color of the handbag screams immediate attention as the first thing people notice when you are walking is the color among other things such as the uniqueness of the designer handbag, designer of the handbag, shape of the handbag. The minute you introduce something different to the public, watch how many compliments you receive whether the handbag cost a fortune or just $40 dollars. The natural reaction from women when they see a handbag that they have never seen before is where did you get it.
Those days of buying expensive designer handbags have faded in the wind and that is why top designers of yesterday are scaling back the price tags of their handbags to stay competitive as the least expensive handbags are making splashes in the market with their creative and crafty designs and as the market is now saturated with various types of designer handbags with various price tags attached. There are several names like